Ace Dust 2: Strategies to stun your opponents — Part 1

A map that is easy to learn but hard to master — Dust 2 is not a new map. It has been in the map pool for a very long time and is great for everyone. But, how do you work together as a team in such a huge map and win as well?

What is a strategy made of? How to implement a strategy to gain an advantage over your opponents?

In CSGO or in any FPS game, a strategy involves primarily three components (assuming that you have a team already)— communication, mechanics, and game sense. While pros commonly talk about mechanics and game sense, communication is least talked of. In this article, we will try to take you through these and help you create your own strategies to stun your opponents.

Hope is not a good strategy, it only makes you weak against those who plan ahead

If you are a beginner and do not have knowledge of various utility line ups and callouts, it is advised that you follow this guide slowly and feel free to refer back, since it could be overwhelming. The only prerequisite for this is to be passionate about winning!

What are the different Basic T-Side Executes?

In Dust-2, the T-side has the scope of controlling large parts of the map while being able to eliminate CTs by isolating them. A key element to keep in mind while playing D2 is to trade your teammate — i.e. not allowing a player to go alone which essentially translates to dual-peeks and other tactics to kill the opponent if they kill your team mate (unless it’s a 1vX situation).

In T-Side, there are 5 basic strategies which can be implemented and are generally termed as defaults -

  1. B-Split
  2. Long Control
  3. A-Split
  4. Cat-Short-A
  5. Tunnels-Mid-Tunnels-B

In this article, we will not only see how to implement the above executes as a T, but also try our best to counter as a CT.

(Note: ** indicates a concise callout)

T-Default B-Split: Widely speaking, this strategy involves 2 Ts positioned outside B Tunnels (**BT), 1 T in Lower Tunnels (**LT), 1 T close X-Box, and 1 T in Mid. The role of Ts outside BT is to engage with CTs in B Site and cause a distraction while the remaining 3 Ts enclose the B Site. As a team, you can be as creative you want to be but the basic CT Spawn smoke is a must. To Counter T-Default B-Split, 1 CT pushes Long A Doors while another CT takes Short Control. 1CT smokes BT and holds for T Push while the other CT on B Site covers the Window keeping the B-Door smoked. The last CT now has enough room to flank via T-Spawn while the remaining 2 CTs flank the Ts executing through mid-B Doors.

Reading through such paragraphs is overwhelming, which is why we have created a free software to not only strategize but also communicate these strategies. Visit and download now! Attached is the screenshot of T-Default B-Split using StratRepo.

T-Default B-Split using StratRepo.

T-Default Long Control: This is one of the most common aggressive strategies where all the Ts push long and fight for A Site. The catch here is to ensure that your teammates flash you outside Long-A Doors. Once you take long control, smoke CT spawn completely. Throw a Molotov onto A-Short (**AS) to potentially delay the rotation/retake. To Counter T-Default Long Control, assuming that CTs have lost at least 1 player in Long-A, 1 CT must fall back to A-Site and call in rotations. Since mid and other areas of the map, except Long-A, should be potentially clear, the 2 CTs from B could flank Long-A via T-Spawn and the CT in mid holds cross from AS while throwing a Molotov towards Car.

In this article, we have essentially discussed 4 strategies which can help you gain a significant advantage over your opponents. We will cover the remaining strategies and their countermeasures in the next article. If you would like us to share your strategy for the community, feel free to use StratRepo to Add your Strategy and comment below the same.




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