Ace Dust-2: Strategies to stun your opponents — Part 2 [+Free Communication Tips]

In our previous article, we got into detailed Default T-Executes and their Countermeasures as CTs for 2 most common strategies. We shall continue on our road to the Global Elite in this article as well.

Up next is the T-Default A-Split strategy where, widely speaking, 2Ts push Catwalk (**Cat) to A-Short (**AS) from Mid while 3Ts push Long-A to wrap around A site. Easier said than done, not only does this strategy helps Ts punish CTs rotating from B but also gives Ts a large map control. The strategy when broken down into elements gets complicated but we will try to keep it simple. 2Ts push Long-Doors while flashing over Long to flash any CTs holding the angle. One of the Ts must clear pit by smoking the cross and taking a leap of faith ;-). Once Long-A is in T control, the remaining 2 Ts lurking around Mid must push AS while punishing any CT, if possible. Double smoking the CT-Spawn will help Ts gain enough room. A Molotov towards Site and Goose by 2Ts will make it easier for the Ts pushing Long-A to clear the Site. To Counter this strategy, as CTs, communication must be on point — every cue is important. 2CTs in B need to push into Tunnels and flank Ts in Mid/AS, only after a strong T presence in Long-A. The CT in mid can position in Elevator or can regroup with CTs flanking from B. A Molotov from site to AS would force the Ts to halt and eventually help the CTs flanking.

We will leave this countermeasure here as the primary component to counter an execute that wraps are COMMUNICATION.

Before going to discuss other strategies, we must know HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY IN CSGO?

Timing is of prime essence while communicating in CSGO. The following two points can make it easy to communicate mid-round.

  1. Only communicate what you are SURE of — if you are sure you have dinked an enemy in mid who was walking towards AS, communicate “Dinked Mid, Going AS”.
  2. Don’t assume that others would check up on RADAR — anything can happen in a moment and CSGO is no exception. Communicate each and every single cue you come across, but don’t forget #1

With the above points in mind, you will be able to communicate extremely well during the round. But we still have not covered a major issue — how do you communicate strategies?

You have less than 20 seconds to discuss and buy weapons and utility. It becomes even difficult if everyone is not on the same page — this happens when the other team members are not involved in making strategies. One way to communicate strategies is by using catchphrases — for example, full smoke A-Site Execute in Mirage is sometimes called the ‘Black Mist’. These catchphrases come in handy to trigger your memory, but what if one of your teammates forgot or even worse, mixed strategies?

Did you know that more than 90% of the players (not the professionals) take up to 50 HP damage within 20 seconds of round start? To save your HP and time, we have built StratRepo which you can use to communicate your strategies at the round start and everyone in the team gets to know their role clearly! Using StratRepo, you wouldn’t have to worry about miscommunication, unless it’s intentional/troll ;-)

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed, so we will conclude this article here and continue in the next. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions related to StratRepo. We are trying our best to support our community and would really appreciate your feedback. Download the software from our website




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