Ace Dust 2: Strategies to stun your opponents — Part 3 [Conclusion]

In this final article of Ace Dust 2 series, we will cover the remaining strategies for T-Default Executes and their Countermeasures as CT. If you haven’t read through our previous articles, we highly recommend reading them to make yourself familiar with the read of the game — Part 1 & Part 2.

Up next is the T-Default Cat-Short-A which involves 5Ts pushing AS to overwhelm CTs on A-Site. If you have encountered CTs pushing BT, this strategy is effective to punish them. 2Ts with B spawn wait in B-Tunnels (close to LT Stairs). One of the Ts must smoke Xbox and push AS and wait for the Ts from LT. Once regrouped, a close smoke to Extended A and Molotov towards Car, Goose, and A Ramp would enable this execute to happen. As a CT (to delay the T push and essentially claim the round), Long-A control is of prime importance here. With no Long-A presence of Ts, one of the CTs can be boosted onto boxes in Long-A Door while another CT could possibly flank through mid. A Molotov towards A-Short from the CT rotating from B could possibly delay T push. The 2CTs on Site could possibly move towards Long-A or CT Spawn to regroup with their team. It’s easy to take an X vs X fight compared to 3 vs 5 or so.

The final strategy is T-Default-LT-UT-B set up. This is relatively similar strategy as the above one. All the 5Ts wrap B-Tunnels — 2Ts go into BT whereas the remaining 3Ts push LT from Mid while catching any CT pushing Mid-Door or AS. The utility usage is relatively simple and thus with the faith in you, we leave it here — be creative and strategic. As a CT, 2 CTs could push Long-A with 1 CT going towards LT and the other going from T-Spawn to BT. The CTs on B-Site must try to delay the T push by using a Molotov towards BT and Smoke BT. 1 CT must remain close AS to communicate any rotations by Ts which the flanking CTs can make use of.

You must be wondering — why haven’t they completely described the strategy and steps involved? The answer is pretty straight — the above strategy is dependent on communication between the teammates and a sharp aim. Sharp aim is one of the prerequisites for any FPS game but CSGO rewards you additionally!

We will talk about those rewards in another article and would keep the focus of this article towards applications. There are tons of video guides on how to improve aim or how to practice. We will try to take you through a structured approach towards significantly improving your aim and recoil.

  1. It’s about how you FEEL the recoil: Muscle memory and all sounds cool but only comes into effect after hours of practice. And if you want to make your aim consistent, you must FEEL the recoil in your hands and try to MANEUVER it rather than controlling it.
  2. Aim at CHEST level: Contrary to what you have always heard (aim at Head level) this technique is a little forgiving if your recoil maneuring is not on point. By Chest level, we don’t mean the ABDOMEN/KNEE CAP/FEET but around NECK of the Player Model.
  3. Before beginning to spray (and pray), try to tap around the Player Model — i.e. instead of starting the spray from Long-A to B-Doors, move your crosshair first towards the RANGE of TARGET and tap around the head or neck or body — then beginning to spray will make it easy to maneuver.

We will cover other aspects towards improving your aim in another article and conclude this article here (deliberately keeping it short)! Show some love and support us! Using StratRepo will help you enhance your gamesense for sure and let us know what features you would like to have.



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